The intensity and smarts of her border collie heritage. The heart of her Lab side. My best friend for 17 years. What more can I say. She loved laying on fresh mulch in the sun on a cool day. Jade Or when it was hot, hanging out under Rosie the Airstream while Elly worked on her remodel. stay-cation pix Running through the snow. dogs in snow Chasing the deer back on their side of the 'invisible fence'. deer taunting Jade Always with a ball or -- more often -- a Norway spruce cone -- in her mouth begging for me to play fetch. jade She knew pretty well when the bag on the lawn mower would be full and would meet me at that spot to get in a throw before I went back to work. (She's going on 13 in these last two.) jade During winter when the spruce cones were buried, she'd jump up and pull them off the low-hanging branches. jade pulling spruce cones She was never a mother, but she would have been a good one. Late in life, she was great with Corey and Noah's Charlie ...   Jade is over 10 years old in most of the pictures I have. But I do have a few from the early days that we shot with our first Casio digital camera, which we thought miraculous what with those 320-pixel-wide images ... I only wish I had some pictures of her doing agility or chasing down the frisbee across Suggett Park to the cheers of families eating supper in the distance. And of course she had a great buddy Fred.   She always managed to sneak in to some of my favorite garden photos. (Guess that's why she's been in my banner image from the start.) jade in the morning Farewell old friend. The yard isn't the same without you. Jade rolling in the grass under a double rainbow. jade and double rainbow

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New granddaughter, life, work etc. has kept me away from the blogosphere. (Major triage in garden management this year.) But I did manage to take a few pix this weekend.

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Lows tonight are supposed to be around zero. But despite some stormy weather this last week, there have been signs of spring. Images below are reposted from the Cornell Horticulture blog which has been sucking up a lot of my blogging energy these days. Flower bulb research intern Rose de Wit collects data at Kenneth Post Lab greenhouses. Currently in the banner rotation at the Cornell University homepage. rose in greenhouse Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) bloom in Minns Garden on Tower Road. Students in the course Creating the Urban Eden: Woody Plant Selection, Design, and Landscape Establishment (HORT/LA 4910/4920) took advantage of a sunny Tuesday afternoon to prune trees and shrubs, clean up debris and mulch gardens around the Plant Science Building.

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94 Reasons Pete Seeger Matters - Gawker tribute.

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Have I really neglected this blog since Labor Day? Apologies. Life has been hectic. Plus I've been able to scratch my blogging itch some at work through the Cornell Horticulture blog. The little vacation from blogging here has made me start yearning for spring already and getting back to shooting photos and creating scans. Following Les's lead at A Tidewater Garden, I figured I'd pull together a quick collection of favorites from the past year, drawing from both blogs. In most cases, you can click on images for a larger view. New Year's cyclamen With a corm nearly the size of my fist, this cyclamen reliably pumps out blossoms on the kitchen windowsill this time of year.  More manipulations of this scan. cyclamen   Valentine's Day scan Cyclamen and begonia kaleidoscope. More manipulations here cyclamen and pelargonium   Ephemerals This is why I long for spring: The chance to get my knees muddy shooting little things. Hard to chose just one. Below, an Eranthis -- a special variety though I don't know its name. ephemerals Iris histrioides 'Katharine Hodgkin' ephemerals Ephemerals scan nicely, too. april scans More ephemerals.   Daffodil season Scan of daffodils, Leucojum and tulips the deer missed. may scan   Pulmonaria This one pumps out the prettiest flowers. Good thing. It's leaves are butt-ugly. pulmonaria   June scan Kaleidoscope mosaic with Aruncus, among others.  Original scan. More manipulations. june scan manipulations   Allium bulgaricum At least that's what John Scheepers is calling it these days. One of my favorites. june pix and scans   Tools of the trade Shot this at a weed control workshop at a field day for gardeners at Cornell's Thompson Vegetable Researcg Farm.  Read more. Charles Mohler, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, demonstrated a wide range of weed control tools.   Sod sofa Every fall, students in the Art of Horticulture class build a sod sofa on campus.  It's one of my favorite afternoons, as I get to shoot stills and usually make a time-lapse video. View photo gallery Art of Horticulture students lounge on the sod sofa they built. View time lapse video:   Labor Day scan 4-pane of my Labor Day scan. More manipulations. september scan   Patrick Daugherty's Stickwork installation One of the first posts I wrote on this blog was about how much fun I had helping 'Stickwork' sculptor Patrick Dougherty with his installation in Collegetown. He returned to campus in October for a series of events including a hands-on community build at the Ithaca Children's Garden. You can view a time-lapse video of the build below or view one of his talks, Stickwork: Primitive Ways in an Accelerated World.   Art of Horticulture final projects What would I do without this class. My second favorite day of the school year (after sod sofa day) is when the students in this class present their final projects. I usually give a talk about digital art, and this semester I was so pumped that one of the students was inspired to try some manipulations. (You can view them here.)  You can also view most all of this year's (and previous years') projects at the Art of Horticulture gallery page. Floral appliqé and wire bonsai sculpture   Also of interest ... A couple of things I discovered as I was reviewing the year that I should have plugged here earlier:
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