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I'm stealing pictures and info from my wife's blog, Get Out The Map! that chronicles her Airstream restoration and other topics of interest.
My buddy Dean at work pointed out the nice “birds eye” shots available at Put your address in the search box and be sure to click on “Maps” under the search. Once you find your spot, you can chose road, aerial, or bird’s eye. The pictures below are bird’s eye views. This is approximately the 7.5 acres that the bank lets us call home, looking at it from the north.
our place from above It's spring 2006. You can see the vast wetland that runs along the western border of our property, and the woods to the south of our house. The little stream I've photographed on occasion runs east to west separating the green cultivate (more or less) area from the wildlands. our place from above This is the view from the south, where Elly points out 'Rosie' in the driveway.You can see various beds scattered around the place that will eventually coalesce as the lawn shrinks. The largest area is the vegetable garden and the old shed near the bottom, with surrounding borders and a cold frame in the northeast corner. East of the vegetable garden is the water garden. My little rock garden is east of Rosie in the driveway.  Paths around the edge mark the dogs' invisible fence boundary. These aerial views are useful for garden planning, I think.  Maybe not so much on a city lot scale.  But I have fun looking at these and imagining what I might do for my next big project. So go find your garden on Do a screen capture.  Post a picture, then come back here and tell everyone about it.  Follow Elly's directions (above) and use IE or maybe FireFox.  (It doesn't like Opera at all.)

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April 19, 2007

nice piece of land… a little of everything is there! good for you.

My goal is to pick up 10 acres or so on a Puget Sound island near Seattle within the next three years. I think I’ll check out this program to help me look.


Pam/Digging @ 8:34 am #

I knew you lived in the country, but I hadn’t pictured it looking quite so much like wilderness. How close to a town are you?

Pam @ 5:12 pm #

Wow. Nice. The bummer about living near the coast is that land is so in demand – I’d have to go pretty far inland to be able to afford a piece of land larger than my one acre. But boy do I miss having a whole bunch of land around. It looks gorgeous.

April 20, 2007

Jon Beard @ 8:08 am #

Craig, It looks like you are enjoying life, great. I tried the site and had little success, too far away and little detail. Another site that works better for me is Google Earth which gets me closer. You have to sign up, but it is free and you can easily go all over the world. Cool.

You probably won’t be hearing much of me anymore as I feel I’m just banging my head against the wall with my crusade against the human cause scam. I know that you and I will never agree on this and that’s fine. If someone has a different opinion, you can argue back and forth and still be friends. I truly believe that you are a man of your convictions and I respect that.

All the best,

April 21, 2007

Layanee @ 4:36 am #

Beautiful property! Don’t you just love livin’ in the country? I have tried both the site you mentioned and Google Earth but we are out of range. I find this a bit of a comfort as Big Brother watching unnerves me a bit!

Jon Beard: If you are reading, I will miss your commentary!

April 22, 2007
April 28, 2007

maureen @ 4:29 pm #

Craig, I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago and can’t even remember if I left a comment or not. (brain fried) but I came back today and saw this post with the birds eye view. I’m bummed that our location doesn’t have the possibility of seeing a birds eye view. It shows the aerial view, but not in much detail — we’re right in the densely populated section of Helena, Montana. Guess we don’t rate a birds eye view…. bummer. ;-]

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