CEPHALEXIN FOR SALE, To get to my car after work, there are four ways out of the building where I work that are six of one, half dozen of the other. CEPHALEXIN online cod, I usually take the conservatory route for the glimpse of the plants there. But I think I'll be taking the west exit more often now so I can see the new gate installed today at the west entrance to Minn's garden:

Minn's garden gate

To appreciate this gate, CEPHALEXIN reviews, Buying CEPHALEXIN online over the counter, you've got to move in close (more detail shots below):

Minn's garden gate

The gate was designed by Landscape Architecture student Hannah Carlson, and created by artist/blacksmith Durand Van Doren, CEPHALEXIN recreational. CEPHALEXIN results, (See also his Ithaca Art Trail site.) Here's Durand all spiffed up for today's dedication.

Minn's garden gate

I barely recognized him from the day I spent with him with my buddies Scott and Marc two years ago, CEPHALEXIN treatment, CEPHALEXIN pictures, where I learned quickly just how easy an artist like Durand makes it look. (I did manage to make some S-hooks to hang pots.) I borrowed this image from Marc's website, CEPHALEXIN FOR SALE. Go check out his bowls, CEPHALEXIN from mexico. Buy cheap CEPHALEXIN no rx, They make great gifts.

Me, <b>CEPHALEXIN dosage</b>, <b>CEPHALEXIN alternatives</b>, Scott and Durand from Marc's blog

The gate features a dozen garden plants rendered in iron. (Click on images for larger views.) They are actually much blacker than they appear here, CEPHALEXIN use. Where can i order CEPHALEXIN without prescription, I adjusted the images to provide more detail.

What really makes these great is the inclusion of the roots below ground level.

Minns gate detail Minns gate detail Minns gate detail

Minns gate detail Minns gate detail Minns gate detail

Minns gate detail Minns gate detail Minns gate detail

Minns gate detail Minns gate detail Minns gate detail

And a few more close-ups:

Minns gate detail

Minns gate detail

Minns gate detail

Minns gate detail

Minns gate detail

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May 15, 2008

The fence is gorgeous. I’ve never seen anything like it. My favorite part is the roots/tubers/bulbs below the bottom horizontal bar.

My neighbor had an iron gate made by an artist with wrought iron grapes whose roots do actually go into the ground.

May 16, 2008

Lori @ 1:22 am #

Wow. That’s some incredible blacksmithing skill on display! And the roots really do give it that extra level of awesome. Wow.

Layanee @ 4:37 am #

I am surely going to show this to the Equipment Manager! He likes to weld.

Jim Golden @ 6:14 am #

Sharing this is an act of generosity. It’s really special.

Beautiful & educational – it’s fantastic!

Benjamin @ 9:59 am #

I don’t usually go for stuff like this, but it’s pretty darned impressive. I’m a minimalist, but the details are very cool. Such skill.

Amazing detail and a nice composition. And the roots give it real substance. Black, iron, and rooted plants give flowers some of their dignity back, you know? I get tired of depictions of happy gaudy garden hybrids.

Les @ 4:37 pm #

I would change my daily route too, just to see this gate. Thanks for sharing.

tabatha @ 8:33 pm #

AMAZING!! Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing!

May 17, 2008

Julie @ 1:26 pm #

A knockout, Craig. Thank you so much.

The people in your area (you being a perfect example) have such an imaginative approach to learning about plants and flowers. It would be intriguing to learn who/what up there at Cornell (or maybe in the town of Ithaca) fostered this non-stodgy approach.

May the force be with you, Marica, Hannah, Durand and the rest!


May 25, 2008

Absolutely stunning – I’d love to be able to see it in person. Thanks for sharing it with us.

May 28, 2008

Darlene Kohler @ 7:03 pm #

These pictures of Durand’s phenomenal artistry are beautiful, so I am eager to see his gate up close. Being his mother-in-law, I have been pleased to receive gifts of his work. And in appreciation of Durand’s creativity, as well as Hannah Carlson’s design, I am proud that his Gate will be side by side with Minn’s Garden.

June 6, 2008

lisa @ 12:35 pm #

Wow, that’s amazing! I haven’t been on the blogosphere much lately, so I’m glad I caught this. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

June 10, 2008

rob list @ 6:45 am #

that is some amazing work durand – how far you have come from silent steam – beautiful! thanks for putting it online – i hope to see it for real sometime!

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