GBBD scans and pix: Details, details.


I was in a hurry doing my scans this week. I think they look like crap. (They're at the end.)

But there are details within each that look OK. So they're first.

Click on images for larger view.

Cool detail:
bloom day aug 2008

Warm detail:
bloom day aug 2008

White detail:
bloom day aug 2008

And another white detail:
bloom day aug 2008

A few real pix before the full (awful) scans. Joe-pye weed (wild patch):
bloom day aug 2008

bloom day aug 2008

Rosa 'Princess Di':
bloom day aug 2008

bloom day aug 2008

And the original scans, warm:
bloom day aug 2008

bloom day aug 2008

bloom day aug 2008

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August 14, 2008

susan harris @ 6:38 pm #

Oh, yeah, pure crap. (g)

You must have held back on the crappy ones. These look great!

Pam/Digging @ 9:27 pm #

I think your white scan is gorgeous. Like an old fashioned wedding dress with lots of lace and beading.

I’m with Carol… I think that you forgot to put up the crappy ones, Craig. These are gorgeous!

Your joe-pye weed is interesting. I never noticed the purple stems on them before for some reason, but now that I google them I see that is pretty common. This is why I really like bloom day posts, to get a good idea of what things look like in the garden, even if I can’t grow them in my own.

August 15, 2008

Les @ 4:41 am #

I am with Pam, my favorite is the white scan, and I am not normally a white person. I also think the dew on the daylily shot is stunning. Thanks for sharing!

ICQB @ 10:05 am #

Wow! What gorgeous pictures! And thanks to you I now know the name of the flower I posted a picture of on my own bloom day post – Joe-pye weed. Mine is also in the wild. I think it’s so nice looking with its dark purples and lighter greens.

Now I’m off to edit my post to include the name of the flower…

Nan Ondra @ 3:00 pm #

Grouping the flowers by color for your scans is such a beautiful way to showcase a number of blooms in just one photo. I liked them all, but I too find the white collections absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing them!

August 18, 2008

ricki @ 10:06 am #

Had I seen the photo of the lilies with the clinging water droplets yesterday, I would have been wild with envy, but our heat wave (only 3 days, but we are spoiled) broke last night with thunder and rain. Now I only envy your photographic skills. If you ever create that calendar, put me down as a customer.

To me, the detail white scan looks almost like (dare I use the word?) frost. I love the closeup of the Liatris. They are so funky/alien looking.

May 17, 2011

Manju @ 8:11 pm #

Very Very very Nice Pictures…

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