February Picture This Photo Contest


Here's my entry in the February Gardening Gone Wild photo contest.

To be clear, the top image in this post is my entry. The rest are other winter images I like, but didn't make the cut.

winter image

I chose that one based purely on emotion. Nothing beats interest like a Dalmatian in the snow. And given Fred's recent brush with death for the second time this year, I had to make this one my lede and entry.

I'll admit that my collection of winter garden images is limited. I think it's mostly because I get out of the habit of shooting, and the fact that five days a week it's dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home. The next three are from a freak appearance of January in November of 2008. The light was pretty intense. But I like snowblind on occasion.

winter image

winter image

winter image

Grasses take on a life of their own in the snow.

winter image

This next series is actually from an early snow we had last Oct. 16 when the grasses were still green and the leaves were still on the trees. Interesting, but not really winter. (It all melted by noon.)

winter image

winter image

winter image

The closest I've come to capturing that winter light Roger speaks of was during this lucky encounter at the winter garden at Cornell Plantations.

winter image

winter image

Frost on the cold frame is always a good subject for abstraction.

winter image

Bittersweet berries in an encounter with 'wintry mix'.

winter image

Frosty heuchera.

winter image

But this is my favorite winter image of all time. And it was rendered well before the days of 500-pixel entries.

winter image

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February 21, 2010

Melissa @ 5:27 pm #

wonderful images. I can feel the cold and beauty. I love the first one where at first it looks like a wild image with the trees covered in snow, then you notice the blue bottles, the nets and Fred checking out the snow. There may be something underneath that blank…dirt, animals, spring? I’m with you though with the last one. That looks really cold and very beautiful.

Lisa at Greenbow @ 7:02 pm #

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr these are some cold looking photos. I like the frosty one best. Next to Fred in the first photo of course. I just think that frost on windows is facinating.

Les @ 7:04 pm #

There are several in here that are Picture-This-Worthy.

Melody @ 9:40 pm #

Absolutely beautiful!

February 22, 2010

Jackie @ 8:39 am #


Annie in Austin @ 12:17 pm #

For someone who claims to have few winter images, you sure showed some beauties, Craig!
The Dalmation part is cool (hope Fred conquers all), but what got me was seeing the bottle tree swamped by the snow, the blue glass seeming even more Southern in contrast with the white crystals.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Thank goodness for Fred;-) It is a nice photo, as are all of them. My favorite (since you gave us more to look at) is your 2nd one with so many colorful sparkles & reflections in the snow crystals. Good luck;-)

February 27, 2010

Sue in Milan @ 6:10 am #

Super photos. The onlòy good thing about the big freeze this year is that it’s given rise to some stupendous sights.

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